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Current Openings

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Job Id Job Title Nationality Family Status Potential
18/GG2681 Mechanical Engineer
18/GG7302 Chemical Handler / Chemical Handling Operator
18/GG2787 Scheduler
18/GG2788 Analyst Machinery South African
18/GG2789 Condition Monitoring Engineer South African
18/GG2790 Engineer - Machinery Support South African
18/GG2791 Environmental Engineer South African
18/GG2792 Inspection Engineer South African
18/GG2793 Specialist - Instrument South African
18/GG2794 Specialist - Maintenance Electrical South African
18/GG2795 Maintenance Mechanical Engineer South African
18/GG2796 Accountant- Finance Dept. South African
18/GG2797 Static Engineer South African
18/GG2798 Specialist Professional Development South African
18/GG2799 Welder (Aramco Approved)
18/GG2800 Electrical and Instrumentation Technician (E&I)
18/GG7301 Instrumentation Technician (I)
18/GG7303 Potline/Reduction Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)
18/GG7304 Casthouse Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)
18/GG7306 Pressure Vessel Fabricator
18/GG7312 Engineer, Mine Planning
18/GG7313 Engineer, Mine Operation
18/GG7314 Engineer, Fragmentation/Blasting
18/GG7315 Senior Engineer-Process Control
18/GG7316 Senior Control System Engineer – Advanced Process Control
18/GG7317 Forklift Operator
18/GG7318 Sr. Engineer, Metallurgy
18/GG7319 CHT Operator l
18/GG7320 Can Sheet Quality Operator II
18/GG7321 Loss Prevention Coordinator \ Mine Operations-Mining \ Operation
18/GG7322 Section Head, Upstream-Operations General \ UW \ Quality
18/GG7323 Electrical Designer
18/GG7324 Mechanical Designer
18/GG7325 Lead Technician -Electrical
Eng & Design Group
18/GG2740 Sr Engineer, Mechanical – Material Handling Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2741 Senior Engineer, Process (Downstream Products) Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2742 Engineering, Civil Geotechnical (Gyp/Tailings/WRF) Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2743 Technical Advisor – Engineering Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
Engg & Design Group
18/GG2725 Lead Engineer/ Mechanical (Piping) Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2726 Sr Engineer/ Mechanical (Rotating) Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2744 Engineer/ Electrical South African ,Tunisian/Morocco
18/GG2727 Engineer Contract Service Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2728 Lead Engineer (Project) Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2729 Cost Estimator Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2730 Laboratory Specialist Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2745 Sr. Engineer (Project Engineer) South African ,Tunisian/Morocco
18/GG2753 Sr. Project Engineer South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2754 Engineer Instrument South African,Tunisian,Morocco
Engineer, Rotating
18/GG2733 Reliabelity Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
Mining & Phosphate industry
18/GG2785 Director Mine Operations Saudi or American, Canadian, Australian, UK, European, South African, Brazilian
18/GG2786 Principal Geologist American, Canadian, Australian, UK, European, South African, Brazilian
Process Engineering
18/GG2734 Superintendent, Process Engineering (Bene) Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2735 Senior Engineer, Process (SAP/Utilities) Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2736 Plant Engineer Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2739 Engineer, Process (PAP) Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2748 Senior Engineer, Process (Bene) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2749 Engineer, Process (Bene) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2750 Engineer, Process (SAP/Utilities) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2751 Engineer, Process (PAP) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2752 Engineer, Chemical South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2755 Process Engineer (Bene) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2757 Senior Engineer, Process (Bene - Dry) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2758 Senior Engineer, Process (Bene – Wet) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2759 Surveyor, Engineering South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2756 Sr. Engineers (Project) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
QA / QC Laboratory
18/GG2746 Analyst South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2731 Section Head, Upstream Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2732 Engineer, Lubrication Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2737 Engineer, Inspection Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2738 Engineer, Condition Monitoring Indian,South African,Tunisian,Moroccan,Malaysian ,Indonesian
18/GG2747 Planner, Reliability South African,Tunisian,Morocco
Required for Logistics Company
18/GG7308 Drum filling operator
18/GG7309 Forklift Operator
18/GG7310 Operative Staff Member
18/GG7311 Tank farm operator
Requirement of Power and Water Utility industry
18/GG7307 Engineer, Materials (Mechanical)
Requirements for a leading Mining Company - PEPE
18/GG2684 Project Management Officer Section (PMO) Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2685 Risk Management Section (RM) Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2686 Strategy & TQM Department (SP) Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2687 Business System Manager Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2688 Marketing Projects Specialist Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2689 Customer Relations Specialist Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2690 Business System Specialist Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2691 Auditing & Improvement Manager Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2692 Auditing & Improvement Specialist Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2693 Quality Management Manager Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2694 Integrated Management Section Head Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2695 Quality Management Section Head Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2696 Integrated Management Analyst Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2697 Quality Management Analyst Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2698 Lean Management Manager Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2699 Lean Management Section Head Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2700 Strategy & Performance Manager Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2702 Strategy Supervisor Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2703 Performance Supervisor Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2704 Branding Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2705 Production & Planning Manager Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2706 Production & Planning Analyst Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2707 Logistic Coordinator Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2708 Production & Planning Coordinator Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2709 Planning & Operation Analyst Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2710 Marketing & Economics Manager Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2711 Business Intelligence Section Head Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2712 Marketing Analyst Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
18/GG2713 Analyst, Economic Moroccan,Tunisian ,Austrian
WAS Downstream Power & Utilities
18/GG2769 Superintendent, Production Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2770 Shift Supervisor Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2771 Power & Utilities Operator Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2772 Area Supervisor Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2773 Process & Training Coordinator Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2774 Engineer Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
WAS Downstream SOP
18/GG2765 SOP Operator Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2766 Area Supervisor Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2767 Senior Engineer, Production Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2768 Manager, SOP Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
WAS Downstream Sulfuric Acid
18/GG2760 Shift Supervisor Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2761 Senior Engineer Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2762 Day Coordinator Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2763 Senior Engineer, Production Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2764 Engineer, Chemical Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
WAS Maintenance Downstream
18/GG2714 Engineer I, Mechanical South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2715 Supervisor, Mechanical (SAP/PAU) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2716 Supervisor, Mechanical (MH) South African,Tunisian,Morocco
WAS Maintenance Instrument
18/GG2717 Senior Engineer, System South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2718 Superintendent, Instrument South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2719 Supervisor, Instrument MH South African,Tunisian,Morocco
WAS Maintenance Planning & Asset Management
18/GG2720 Planner I, Mechanical Workshop South African,Tunisian,Morocco
WAS Maintenance Upstream
18/GG2721 Superintendent, Mechanical Beneficiation South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2722 Engineer, Rotating Equipment South African,Tunisian,Morocco
WAS Maintenance Workshop & Services
18/GG2723 Shift Supervisor South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2724 Engineer, Workshop Mechanical South African,Tunisian,Morocco
18/GG2775 Shift Supervisor Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2776 Coordinator, Rail Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2777 Specialist, DAP & Ammonia Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2778 Loss Prevention Coordinator Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2779 Coordinator, Process & Training Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan
18/GG2780 Operator-Material Handling Indian ,Malaysian ,Indonesian ,Jordanian ,South African ,Tunisian ,Moroccan


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Enclose the following with your application and send it through courier:

  • A4 Size Bio-Data in 2 sets mentioning Job Title and Reference Number on envelope / letter.
  • A detailed typed career history sheet giving complete details about your responsiblities adn job handled from day one to current date of employment. Copy of your degree certificates / post gradute / diploma or other educational certificates (if any).
  • Copies of experience certificates till date - India / Overseas & Salary Slip.
  • Latest 2 passport sized coloured photographs.
  • Copies of passport.
  • Please mention job order in your application eg.. GG18401.
  • Please mention your email address and mobile number (if any)
  • Please do not fold your applications.
  • Your CV should have passport size Photograph placed on the top right hand side corner.
  • Candidates whose documents are attested will be preferred.
  • Candidates applying for QATAR or KUWAIT PCC from Passport office will be beneficial.