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Job Id Job Title Nationality Family Status Potential
17/GG03801 Auto Electrician
17/GG03802 Heavy duty driver
17/GG03803 Heavy equipment Auto Electrician
17/GG03804 Heavy equipment driver
17/GG03805 Light Duty Driver
17/GG03806 Mechanic HV/LV
17/GG03807 Greaser HV
17/GG03808 Greaser LV
17/GG03809 Mechanical Draftsman
17/GG03810 Fabricator
17/GG03811 Fitter/ Technician
17/GG03812 Welder
17/GG03813 Greaser
17/GG03814 Mechanist
17/GG03815 Compressor mechanic
17/GG03816 Scaffolder
17/GG03817 Draftsman
17/GG03818 Carpenter
17/GG03819 Painter
17/GG03820 Mechanical Inspector
17/GG03821 Electrical Inspector
17/GG03822 Production Inspector
17/GG03823 Electrician
17/GG03824 Instrument Technician
17/GG03825 A/C technician
17/GG03826 PLC Technician
17/GG03827 Motor Winder
17/GG03828 Clerk
17/GG03829 lab Technician
17/GG03830 Supervisor
18/GG7401 CNC Machine Operator
18/GG6204 Sales Executive (Aluminum Facade )
18/GG209 Sales Manager
18/GG210 Operation Manager
18/GG211 Sr. Purchase officer/Procurement Manager
18/GG212 Senior Accountant with Inter CA qualified
18/GG6818 Sales Engineer - Hot Dip Galvanizing
18/GG6819 QA/QC - Chemist
18/GG6820 Maintenance Technician
18/GG6821 Sales Manager - Crash Barriers / Lamp Posts
18/GG6822 Design Engineer
18/GG6823 Sales Engineer - Steel & Fabrication Unit
18/GG6824 Procurement Officer
18/GG6825 Estimator - MEP
18/GG6826 Accountant
18/GG6827 Plastic Division Manager
18/GG213 Project Manager - Civil - Building Construction
19/GG4301 Mechanical Site Engineer "Construction"
19/GG4302 Plumber
19/GG4303 HVAC Technician
19/GG4304 Fire Fighting