About the Founder

G Gheewala – Mr. Gulamali Gheewala

Mr. Gulmali E. Gheewala was born in 1946 and grew up in India. He has worked as a freelance Recruiter since 1972. He has successfully fulfilled the requirements bestowed on him for many renowned companies of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Qatar, United Arab Emirates & many other Gulf Countries. He spent decades in Recruiting from India Where he currently resides.

Mr. G. Gheewala started his journey in the year 1972 when he visited UAE. He sensed the opportunity of manpower supply which he accomplished in near future and is still going on with the Grace of Almighty Allah.

Mr. G. Gheewala is named as one the most important Pillars in Recruitment and Consulting sector.

Slowly and gradually when he found growth and appreciation in his work and service he began to expand his business form UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and expanded to most of the Gulf countries.

One of his greatest achievements was embarked in the year 1984, looking at his quality of service and all other business aspects, Mr. G. Gheewala was honored with 25 years license validity.

From here he began the revolution in Human Resource Recruitment. In all Mr. G. Gheewala has excelled in Gulf Recruitment for more than 40 years and still going on...

In word by Mr. Gheewala, he dedicates his success and achievements in the Name of ALLAH the Most Beneficent & Merciful and his Divine Blessings.